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Two in One Week!!!

Okay I had two dates this week! I know I can’t believe it either, but I did and both were pretty epic if I do say so myself. Know epic to me can mean both bad and good, so in true M.O.E form I have one of each for you.

My first date was with a guy I met on Match… I expected very little from this date mostly because I felt like he just came on way too strong. Every other sentence was about how wonderful and beautiful I was. I know such a bad thing right? Honestly if I read a text from a guy and my knee jerk response is, “You don’t know me” then that bad news.  We met for drinks and he showed up with a dozen pink roses in hand, now this just made it worst because I honestly already thought he was coming on too strong. I went along with it though and just acted very gracious. Over drinks he admitted to not having a job and that his parents currently pay his bills. He then starts talking about taking me to St. Martin with him and his family on vacation, how much his mother would love me and how I would be the perfect wife for him and we should honeymoon in Paris… Again, “Sir you don’t know me!” I played nice but this is the reality, you don’t know me and you are making a lot of assumptions. I finished the date but came to the realization that he is simply in search of girlfriend. It doesn’t matter what she looked like, what she did or didn’t do or what morals or values she possessed. His only requirement is for her to be available and willing for whatever. This was one pony ride I wanted off of. I am too wise to make investments in shallow stocks at this point in my life. Trust that I want to go all in but I need substance.

I don’t want a man to do or say anything to me because it’s what he sees in movies or thinks that what I want to hear. I want it straight and true. And that’s what I got on this second date. This “date” was with a guy I have known since high school. He and I have never actually dated but we always check in with each other every so often. We went to hear spoken word at this great bar in the city called Big Chicks. The poetry was great and I am so happy that I went but what made this date epic was the conversation between the two of us. He actually confessed that the reason he never asked me out in high school was simply because I required too much work, He admitted to me that he knows that if he were to date me he would have to come correct and not act like a child. To most girls this sounds like a letdown but for me it was what I needed to hear. I am wanted but it takes work and as he said, “there are plenty of girls that take no work.” I know I’m not the only girl that has asked the question, Why not me? Well he without knowing answered all my questions and gave me true insight into how I am perceived; I take work and that just fine with me.



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